Afrikaner Heroine

Afrikaner Heroine

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Liner Notes: 

Marthie sent me this story from her area and I wanted to write about her.


Afrikaner Heroine
© 2020 Cindy Prince

In Afrikaner culture
Back in 1843
Rachel de Beer saved her brother

They were lost in the cold
She knew they'd both freeze
So she took on the roll of a mother

Love is stronger than life or death
She saved a life but lost her own
Her story is told, this little girl heroine
With schools and streets she is still known

Remember Rachel on a cold winter's night
Though it is sad, she did what was right

She found an anthill
Hollowed out by an aardvark
Told her brother to lie in it

She took off her clothes
In the cold and the dark
To save him she had to commit

Repeat chorus

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What a story! Your description surely shows her as a heroine. She was pretty smart too. Great idea for a song.

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Wow, this is a powerful set of lyrics the tell a beautifully tragic story. Very well done.