Jardin Nuevo (New Garden)

Jardin Nuevo (New Garden)

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Liner Notes: 

Another gardening song, in English and in Spanish. Inspired by a garden of succulents I'm creating.
In Spanish, succulent is la suculenta - a word that may wind up in another song.
I got a new uke earlier in the week, then my wife got a pretty blue one. I used hers for this song. And my daughter has my old one at college.


I am going to plant a new garden
I’m going to sing while I work
Sing to the sun
sing to the rain
sing with joy to Divine Mother

Voy a plantar un jardin nuevo
Voy a cantar mientras trabajo
canto al sol
canto a la lluvia
canto con alegria a Madre Divina

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Good one Chip! I'll play this at my wife as she sets up the succulent garden at our daughter's new place.

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A slice of the good life! Nourishing and sweet.