Societal Failure

Societal Failure

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Liner Notes: 

I'm biting the bullet and writing the song I didn't want to write (see liner notes to *44651). In case it's not clear, I don't mean to advocate absolution. When I call the person in question a kid, I'm referring to his maturity and development, not whether he should be held responsible for his actions.

I used the spider capo for this, first, fourth and sixth strings at the 5th fret.


Don’t blame the kid
Even though we all know what he did
And his finger most surely pulled the trigger

Instead blame the one
Who put into his hands the gun and said
Son, now go make them stand and deliver

There’s simply no way you can expect a boy to pay
For the failures of a whole generation
And though he is young and dumb, he’ll pay the price but that’s not some
Panacea for this unholy nation

So put him in jail till he’s old or he’s died
Hang him up, let him be crucified
Surely never let him take up arms again

But don’t believe you’ve solved or saved
By putting away something warped and depraved
The social order that did that to him

What kind of monsters would we have to be to have this out for all to see
And not demand some kind of correction
But there never was and never will be a way for you or a way for for me
To make right on these obligations

So sacrifice the son along with the calf
Don’t say “we can’t make this choice”, we already have

But don’t blame the kid, cause
he has to die, of course he does
But you and I did that to him

The mistakes have been made
Our sons and daughters, been betrayed
They’ll have to pay for all our sins

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Very powerful song. Treating the bruise is not fixing what caused it. I like your direct one toned delivery gets the message across well. And although the music is rhymic the real point is the message that comes across loud and clear. Nice work.

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nicely done.. along the lines of Bob Dylan's 'only a pawn in their game'... obviously, the whole thing is a huge symptom calling out for action on many fronts.

great conversational tone on this difficult subject. nice work!

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Oh excellent job with this! the writing/playing/vocal delivery all just perfect for this sort of tune!
message loud and clear, the frustration is apparent
I have to commend you for being able to step back and really ponder this in the perfect response so quickly....
another sad thing that this will unfortunately probably be a timeless and always topical tune.