Let's Be Clear

Let's Be Clear

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Liner Notes: 

Sometimes I'm such a literalist


When you say
“the sun is in” your eyes, you mean
“the sunlight is in” your eyes
If the sun was in them they’d be burnt out
Of your head, which also would be crisped on fire
But when you say “the sun is” in your eyes
I still understand

When you say
“Love is everywhere,” do you mean
Some’s caught in my nose hair, or that jar of mayo
Or the office john, ‘cause I don’t want no
Love from there, no
I don’t want any Love from there

When you say “they got on like a house afire,”
Were they devouring each other’s oxygen?
The supporting structures beneath their skin?
If not, I don’t know what you mean. I hope it’s something good, then
Yes I hope it’s something good then.

When you say
“the sun is in” your eyes, you mean
“the sunlight is in” your eyes
If the sun was in them this entire planet
And maybe this half of the galaxy would be destroyed

And you really mean “some sunlight is in” your eyes
Not all, that would be more than two eyes could hold
So maybe you could be clear next time, no
It’s hard to be clear when you’re not a window
So maybe be more precise next time

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I love wordplay and folksy colloquialisms and all of that, so naturally I like this song which picks those folksy colloquialisms apart. So much fun!

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Thank you for speaking for the inner pedant in all of us writers (by which I mean the mental voice which calls people out for lazy language use, not that there's actually a little pedantic man living inside my body). I love songs that bring new perspectives to language like this. I'd love to hear this one sung.

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Terrible news for all us songwriters who like to use flowery and imprecise metaphors! Seriously though, I love the cheeky cleverness of this lyric--made me laugh and nod my head in recognition.

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How impoverished would language be without metaphor. But this is a great take on why metaphor is sometimes a bit of a stretch....

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I too would love to hear this with some music! Smile such a fun lyric

that office john love sounds like it might be some of that love that keeps on giving, for years and years to come......yeah I don't want none of that either Wink
I have always wondered what John did that was so bad to get the crapper named after him

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This is a happy lyric. "house on fire" was ruined for me by Terry Pratchett, who pointed out fire brigades, police, ambulances, people screaming, destruction and general disaster. "Love is everywhere" is so contrary to experience it needs to be stamped on...or have its nose hairs pulled. Good one!

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Oh these are great. The things we say to people that if taken literally would spell disaster - or is that another example of what you're saying because they wouldn't really go out and "spell" disaster.....