Quiet Mountain

Quiet Mountain

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Liner Notes: 

Wrote this for all my renaissance faire family that are really feeling it this year. From the crafters to the performers to the behind the scenes folks and the patrons, we're a family and it hurts that we can't be together doing what we love with the people that we love.


In the mountain home that I love
With green rolling hills and blue skies above
With romance, adventure and friends I hold dear
Those far away and the ones who are near

The summer time is here
The mountains are quiet this year
No echoes of singing. No ringing of cheers
I'll see you next summer my dears
Yes we'll all be together next year

So here's to the ladies and lords
To the wenches with whips and the knights with their swords
To the wandering tinker and salty sea dog
Let's drink up our measure of grog

To the lovers and breakers of hearts
To the rogues and the rakes and the makers of art
To the jesters and jugglers, the poets and bards
The ramblers and gamblers and cards

We long for our home in the shire
For the grace of our family, our place by the fire
So raise up your glasses but shed not a tear
We'll all be together next year

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I like everything about this. Really enjoyed it. Clever subject to do a song on. I know the exact place you're talking about and can easily visualize.

Great lyric and sentiment!

Demo'ing it as video adds a nice dimension in the "hearing" of it. I say that as a self reflection, thought, since, (is about me really, not you), -- I explained to one friend, a long time ago that I seemed to always get a great "response", or reaction to my music FtF more than per -- bounce track and that somehow for some reaon folks seemed to "get it" in a live performance versus a dry track, so to speak.

Anyway, for me, that come through with this and from what I've read from you, -- you'd find that useful to know, possibly. Well, if you "get that", if not, -- just ignore it Smile hahhh... not important.

I think that's where I got my thing about not being a "recording" artist, and rather a, "performing" artist, -- so just make demos to remember the song Smile hahhh!

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Nice to 'see' you, Kate -- and your love for the Ren Faire crowd comes through loud and clear. Love the melody!

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the theme reminds me of the original version of have yourself a very merry chrostmas..with the hope that things will improve with time if we can just muddle through the present. this has an authentic appalachian feel, both in the music and the language, i also agree with the others that watching you perform the song adds a little somethig extra to it.

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yup remembrance of good times past and for those to come. lovely song to all the missed friends!

Huzzah! My hubby-man has missed his gaming conventions and this is an inspired expression of how all those folks feel, too. Lovely.

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This is a lovely tribute to friends and your descriptions bring out the camaraderie that you share. Great lines....and they sing so well. The vocal delivery is uplifting as is your playing.

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Despite fulsome explanations by USian friends, I've still never quite worked out what a Rennaisance Faire is, but I totally get the sense of belonging and the longing for your fam that comes through on this song. It's a skillfully such a wrought piece of writing and the performance is utterly heartfelt. Great stuff, and I hope you enjoy next year's twice as much.