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Liner Notes: 

This is another of my prime number random instrumental. The notes are struck in a random fashion based on prime numbers. Its a follow on from the instrumental New Seas Yonder Over There. It was originally 12 plus minutes long I cut it down to 9 plus minutes, but alas it would not live on the FAWM host site so I reluctantly cut it down to 6 plus minutes. I may put the real full version on Soundcloud.

An interesting, (or possibly not interesting more crude), fact is that while writing this music, I paid more that a few visits to the bathroom. The effect of running water now scientifically proven.


Music by M.M.Scullion ©2020

There are no lyrics

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I just closed my eyes and listened and its very nice. I saw the cinematic stuff, i saw a snow covered 19th century st petersburg with sleighs and bells. Crikey im in a creative mood, i need to get writing! Very nice