Best Stuff Around

Best Stuff Around

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Liner Notes: 

Just a song about moonshine


Best Stuff Around

In the backwoods of Kentucky
There's some fine shine bein' made
Over the tops of mountains
Then across the glades
It'll burn your belly
Cause honey it ain't weak
That shine has the power to
Make a dumb man speak

Don't bring anyone with you
Lest it's a trackin' dog
He sure knows the way
And he won't get you lost
Don't tell anyone you're goin'
Yeah that'd be just wrong
It's gotta be a secret
Lest the revenuers catch on

They say it is medicinal
Sure to cure what ails ya
It'll work for sure
Whenever all else fails ya
That moonshine
Will sure enough make you well

Once you get a taste of it
You will sure be hooked
You are gonna wonder
How that shine is cooked
But they ain't likely to tell ya
That recipe has been handed down
So go fill up a jar or two
It's the best stuff around

Repeat chorus

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Holy crap! This is the real stuff. So many excellent phrases. Any song that starts with 'In the backwoods of Kentucky' has to be good but then you go on and add a whole bunch of fantastic lines. Really good writing. If I could be a little picky I'd suggest that in the first verse you go back to the old blues tradition and say that the shine has the power to make a dumb man speak - just a suggestion of course. The 'trackin' dog' is really good. I can see it homing in on the illicit still. I've got a rough idea for a song and will post a demo soon. Hmm...., 'just a song about moonshine'. and I thought it was we here in the United Kingdom that went it for understatement! This is not 'just a song about moonshine' it's helluva song about moonshine! You've got the chops!

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this is as true as the still in whch it was made. good moonshine songs are as rare these days as good moonshine, and this is a good one

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Yup the opening is great and its well told throughout.
My still has been starring at me for a few days, but to be honest im not much of a drinker these days.