Love in my heart (and you on my mind)

Love in my heart (and you on my mind)

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Liner Notes: 

Three things brought this song about. Firstly there were some kind comments on my piano playing on my last demo, secondly I had been critical of misogynistic blues lyrics and to seemed only fair that I should walk the talk and write a non-sexist blues song. Finally, I'm missing live performing so I just belted out a rough piano and drum track that has some echoes of playing live.

This was the demo that started me off.


I got love in my heart
And you on my mind
Love in my heart
And you on my mind
I can’t stop thinking about you
All the time

I love the things you say
The things you do
That’s what makes me love you

But it’s such a mystery
What it is you see in me

I got love in my heart
And you on my mind

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A perfect followup! Just love that piano! Classic and so good!

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this is the kind of song jimmy rushing use to sing. reminds me a bit of "deed i do" you do such an exuberant job of it.

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Great follow up, its like a blended Dr john and Randy Newman. Very entertaining

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I'm with coolparadiso -- got a bit of both those performers in it, but it's all yours and it's wonderfully jaunty and super fun to listen to! This would be killer when performed live.

I miss playing live too. This surely has the feel, and all the feels-- lazily raucous, feel-good and straight up blues.