On the Porch, Heavily Armed

On the Porch, Heavily Armed

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Liner Notes: 

After talking to @metalfoot, I got myself a bunch of partial capos (including the spider capo, which is a pretty cool toy). This is done with a DADGAD capo, and while it's not really very much like retuning it is interesting. Worth playing with some more for sure.

The role of the porch in American society has changed a lot. I'm hearkening back to a time when it was a place to welcome chance visitors, though I suppose its role as a staging ground for violent defense against real or imagined threats has history as well


Sitting on the porch to the side, it’s a beautiful day and everything’s fine
Y’all should come on by, just not too many at any one time
Cause you know, I get nervous around crowds
In fact don’t move too quick or get loud

I’m a sociable guy, if you catch me in the right frame of mind
I’ll tell you all about how the world’s gone wrong
And if you want to come by, we may talk a bit under the golden sky
About the wonderful years and where they’ve gone

But if something doesn’t seem right, take warning from the look in my eye

Sometimes you should hold tight
Leave me be
I’m afraid that I...

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Heh, as soon as I saw this title I thought of that well-to-do couple in New Orleans who came out tooled up when a protest passed by. I love the tension you draw between that sort of scenario and the more sociable, neighbourly function of less turbulent times. Great idea for a song.

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Yeah, a lot of tension in this tune.
I like your vocal delivery; I'm not sure I'd want to hang out on this guy's porch.
Lovely guitar line here.
Really great tune.

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This guys porch sounds like a mighty fine place Wink
yeah really great delivery on this.........I've often wondered about those spider capos have played with one briefly, something I should look into again. sounds great!
another timeless really nicely done lyric......Woody Guthrie would of got a kick out of this as well Smile

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This song is timely and insightful .... and horrifying in the sense that it speaks to the inner darkness that may linger in those around us and that may be dangerously drawn out of something isn’t quite right... great delivery!

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creative idea, taking that sad and crazy news story and using it for inspiration. (I'm writing alot of political-themed things these days as well, tho i guess i have for a long time now..)
well done! i like that 'hanging' ending

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If I had a porch, this would probably be my attitude. I really wish I had a porch. I love the frenetic nature of the music and the unspoken threat in the lyrics.