Raise A Flag

Raise A Flag

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Liner Notes: 

Okay, so on the forums I made a rash promise to use the word "moribund" in a lyric. And who knew, a whole song sprang out of it!

Arrangement-wise I'm probably thinking along the lines of Aimee Mann's ballads, so imagine full band, possible some strings. Would a flugelhorn solo be too much?


Raise A Flag

You were so pale
You hovered at the veil
You were barely on the scale

We were bereft
At your last dramatic breath
We broke the sod and left you

But if you find you’re weary of the darkness
If you’ve used up the lucifers we left
If you’d rather see the light than the stygian night
You can call an end to it yet

Raise a flag, raise a flag
If you’re finding death a drag
Let us know and we’ll bring you back above
Ring a bell, ring a bell
If you’re sickening of hell
Let us know and we’ll dig you back up

You were tired of life
An existence sans spice
Not even London would suffice

You were so bored
Of being feted and adored
No companion struck a chord
Not even me

But if you’re falling out with the in crowd
The grumbling of the worms is getting old
If you’d rather a bed than the sleep of the dead
All you got to do is let us know

Raise a flag, raise a flag
If you’re finding death a drag
Let us know and we’ll bring you back above
Ring a bell, ring a bell
If you’re sickening of hell
Let us know and we’ll dig you back up

Make a boom, make a boom
If you’d like a bit more room
Let us know and we’ll get you out of there
So if you’re keen to be exhumed
From your bijou little tomb
Do it quick, babe, you’re running out of air
Do it quick, babe, you’re running out of air

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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You nailed the Amiee Mann feel, really nice job! I think a flugelhorn could be a nice addition to the arrangement but I guess strings would also be nice. This is definitely somber but the chorus is still very catchy.

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This chorus is fabulous! quite a delightful creepiness to this I really enjoy, I think some strings would be a lovely addition to, flugelhorn not familiar with, is that just a little deeper trumpet? If so sure, why not? Biggrin
a ton of great lines in this Biggrin Great job with your impromptu challenge of "moribund" hahah

but especially loved keen to be exhumed, from you bijou little tomb....... bijou is a word I don't use lyrically enough haha might have a little different meaning in the US as it's usually used to describe a person, but still fits great Biggrin

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Yes im a fan of the whole structure and strong piano. Always been a fan if moribund. Very interesting and Good lyric

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a masterpiece of morosity-- kudos fro using not only the promised "moribund" but also ennui and exhumed, all in one delightfully twisted dirge.

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Oh, gosh. Moribund is only one of the many great words you've used in this lyric. The playfulness is delightful, but ultimately this is a very moving track about loss. It's a "laughing through the tears" sort of song. Beautiful piano, as always. A favorite of mine this year. Bring on the flugelhorn!

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Bonus points for use of the word moribund. Oh... and a stygian! I think we're going to get along just fine. Also, is this all reference to the victorian fear of being accidentally buried alive, so they'd rig little bells and things to their graves to alert someone if you wake up in a coffin? Yeah... we're going to get along just fine. I've got a simple song I have to do for work, and then I think I'm going to need to up my vocabulary game. Inspiration!

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I think a flugelhorn solo would be great! Lyrics are fab ... love the unique idea of the dead raising a flag. And the piano/vocal is great, with a lovely melody and fittingly dark mood.

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Flugelhorn would be perfect here. This is great writing lyrically, for sure, and the music is just perfect for the lyric. Awesome work!

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Yes to flugelhorn. Yes to all the clever angles you found to come at this concept. Yes to all the witty uses of amazing words used (stygian!). Wonderful.

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That's a kind of dark edged lyric, eh? But the melody and sweet sounding accompaniment work so well that it's hard to really feel the darkness. It's like an onion.. .it has layers. (Sorry for stealing a shrek line.)