What a Ride

What a Ride

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Liner Notes: 

Cindy wrote this while she was suffering from a torn muscle. I think it made her feel better. I know singing it made me feel good. So if youre feeling down today, check it out and smile. If your already feeling good, maybe it will take you higher.


What are we afraid of
Death knocking at our door
Is it because we can't remember
That we've all done this before

Why do we keep waiting
When this day is already here
Let's do something wonderful
While we're spinning on this sphere

Let's live it up
Let's party down
Let's take everything in stride
Let's explore things
And as we leave this earth
Smile and say, "what a ride!"

What's the point of regrets
It's time to let them go
Deep down inside us
It's something that we know

Repeat chorus

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Fun song - really cool lyrics! Love the imagery.

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This does make me feel good! Love the harmonica and great vocals that reminds me of Woody Guthrie. Perfect!

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That's joyful! Love the sentiment, and the verve of the delivery. I could imagine Tom Waits having a lot of fun with this one.

I read the lyrics, tags, and description and wondered what it'd sound like in your style. The harmonica is simply awesome here.
These encouraging lyrics...I think because of my current state of mind gave me a different emotion. And that's why I appreciate them. That's what good lyrics do, make people feel.
Then the whole atmosphere of the music and vocals - it makes me think of something very old and lost and fading; from times long gone and far away. Maybe its the way its recorded, maybe its the harmonica and the notes and style its played, or maybe its the vocals and the character of the audio. I dunno. But all together, it made for a very moving piece for me personally.
Excellent collab, you two.

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Yeah still a sucker for the harmonica, its a great message, one i pretty much live by! Bills delivery a bit understated even is just right for this one.

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This is a great collaboration! Cindy's lyrics have a happy, laid back feel to them and your performance really keeps that spirit. Very nice job to both of you!

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Why do we keep waiting
When this day is already here

That pretty much says it all. There's a real sense of ebullience here. You just need to toss a grab bag of instruments to some toddlers and let them bang along. Now that would be a joyous cacophony. I love the way you sing, "What a ride!" This is a sweet ride. It makes me want to stop reading the news, 'cause this day's already here

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There we go again...Cindy's fine words perfectly fitting the Bill...great co-write!

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What a lovely, uplifting song! This really lifted my spirits today. Thank you for this gift you two. Smile

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I'm surprised Cindy came up with such positive sentiments with all of the back pain. This made ME smile!

Great harmonica work, Bill--this is a great song by two of my favorite folks around here.

Do more!!

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That harmonica sounds very happy! Your voice, the groove, and the optimistic lyrics make for a lovely combination.