When You Close Your Eyes

When You Close Your Eyes



Liner Notes: 

Hard truths I was told long ago.
I close my eyes too much.


You'll never be as good as them
There's always someone better than you

It doesn't matter how hard you try
You lose it all when you close your eyes

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Zeekle's picture

Good stuff. Sorta reminded me of a show tune, the song of doubt just before the triumphant finale. .

Cicpisces's picture

Love the vocal effect on this. Works for this song. Feels like a repetitive mantra from a lost childhood. Enjoyed this.

billwhite51's picture

that vocal effect grabbed my ear attention immediately. and the accompanying music made me feel i was a child at my first carnival, finding my own feet and deciding where to direct them

The trick is to *not* listen when folks tell you stuff like this. Or, indeed, when you say it to yourself. I wish I'd listened less when I was younger, but I assumed the people speaking knew what they were talking about...

Brash, vocaloid goodness - the call and response between the voice and the trumpet lead draw the listener in and you can't help but start doing the head-bob in anticipation.

sbs2018's picture

Nice vocal effects! Been reading “Write, Submit, Forget, Repeat,” with awesome tips on ignoring the lies we hear from others and the ones we tell ourselves.”