Those Shanks

Those Shanks

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Liner Notes: 

I started out writing about a story Marthie sent me but I remembered how my father-in-law was a leg man, and he always talked about liking the shanks best.
So, I had to write it down.


Those Shanks
© 2020 Cindy Prince

As the saying goes
She's got legs up to there
To any other women's legs
You really can't compare

Both her legs are beautiful
But I am full of thanks
Her legs beneath her knee
Are the sexiest of shanks

Lord mercy she's got 'em
And man are they so fine
Every time I see her
I wish her shanks were mine
All of her is a perfect 10
Everybody knows it's true
But those legs below the knee
Are a real woo-hoo

Slender sleek
Take a peak

Every time I see her
I daydream about her legs
They can take me places
But I don't want to beg

She loves to get down
Her music's always cranked
I love her body all over
But the best part are her shanks

Repeat chorus

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Very well put lyrics, and its simple topic makes for a descriptive well thought out lyrical structure. It has sensitivity as well as clever word play, well done Smile

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Fun and vivid images. Really well developed concept. I rarely think about how someone’s legs look but now I will be watching...