In Negative

In Negative

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Liner Notes: 

So I've decided for the sake of Getting Songs Out With Smallest Amount Of Faff I'm just going to record rough acoustic piano demos to my phone. Additionally, I'm not going to think to hard about quality - everything is going to be right off the cuff. With that in mind, apologies for the quality...and the surprises, but, hey, songs!

This was a left-over lyric from FAWM, so it's continuing the ghost theme, I'm afraid. In fact I'm actually not sure what this lyric is about, the cuff, no brakes, let's roll with it anyway.

Arrangement-wise, I imagine drums. And things that sound like guitars. We'll see if we can make that happen sometime.


In Negative

In daylight there’s nothing
No presence no sensation
No whispered conversation
Just the air, the light, the room

But with the evening comes
The crepuscular ones

In negative

In blackout there’s something
A hint in full dilation
A glimpse, a revelation
And then the want, the need, the flood

And with your answering cry
Give the same reply

In negative

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Great sketch; I hear a lot of potential here. Pretty main piano chords setting a sweet-and-sour mood, and some nice bluesy runs. I like that (possibly unplanned) pause - very soulful and dramatic. And I like the surprising chords in some of the instrumental passages.

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this has a doors mood, with the deep vocals and a piao style that takes a classical approach to the blues. i can hear krieger guitar lines in all the spaces and some drums with a faux latino feel ala light my fire. very cool song.

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Good word usage and structure! Nice and dark. I do hear that doors influence as well. Nice one.

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I love the sound of that piano. Would not be out of place on a Tom Waits track.

As a Thelonious Monk fan I appreciate the use of the word crepuscular.

What a strange landscape we're in here... Daylight, evening and blackout. No communication. There's somebody there, but not there. Very mysterious.

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Not easy to work "crepuscular" into a song, but you did! Very nice piano and overall mood of gloom. Twisted blues!

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yeah this is a really twisted bluesy doorsesque tune! You can make up meanings for any of their songs for days and they'll all be wrong, or right! hahah
Really enjoyed this! A lot of great imagery packed into a relatively short lyric! Really well done!

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That piano melody is solid, I like the concept of the song along. This one definitely works and held my interest the whole way through. There's a bluesy club feel to the performance that works quite well.

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Charcoal grey velvet in song form! I missed all your other ghost songs sadly, so glad I got to hear this one...

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Wow, I missed your piano arrangements! This is absolutely gorgeous, haunting in all the right places, especially in the last minute or so of the song. Lyrically, "with the evening comes/the crepuscular ones" is a great line, and I like how open this is to interpretation. I could see a little more production (particularly towards the end), but for the most part I think this is one where the piano and vocal on their own really shine.

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Wow! This is really nice for a rough demo. The piano arrangement especially is really great, and the lyrics are really evocative. And that shift about 3/4s through just for a second gave me little chills. I really enjoyed this a lot. I'm glad you decided to join us this year!

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Yeh enjoyed the demo. Interesting lyrics. Unusual to hear a word I've never heard before. Repetition works well. Enjoyed the arrangement.

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I'm excited to know there will be more raw takes because I am a fan of your piano playing. The quality is fine. Surprised, too, that it was a phone recording. Sounds great.

The bridge at 2:31 gave me chills. I like how you sing and I like how you shape the word "full." It's reminded me as an American midwesterner to enunciate my words, even just a little. Man, I've missed your songs.

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Awesome piano and a wonderfully intriguing lyric.

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I remember your ghost songs! And I love the richness of your piano and your vocal. You get a lot out of your poetic and concise lyrics with your soulful singing.
I sure miss playing on a real piano.

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I like this lyric a lot. That title drew me in (you have several good ones this challenge) and I'm glad as I like this a lot.