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Liner Notes: 

Thought how much I love people who are gentle and kind and this idea came


© 2020 Cindy Prince

I fell in love with your gentle ways
Likewise with your kindness
You always listened closely
While other girls were mindless

I fell in love with your laughter
How you see joy in everything
Your happiness boils over
And it feels like eternal spring

Gentle like a breeze
Caring and so true
I am down on my knees
And I want to marry you
Darling I want to marry you

I have to ask because I can't stand not knowing
Babe my love for you is overflowing

I hope you see me as gentle
I think we're alike in many ways
I always try to be kind
I want you for the rest of my days

Repeat chorus

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A very sweet song. There's not enough written about kindness at the moment.You makethe person who is the subject of the lyrics very likeable. This paints a picture of love and something gentle. Good writing. PS should the line in the bridge be be 'I can't stand now knowing or I can't stand not knowing'?