Tend My Own Garden

Tend My Own Garden

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Liner Notes: 

Admittedly, most of my inspirational/advice songs are me telling myself what I should do. Sometimes I even follow my own advice.


In this big old world spinning round
my backyard is just a speck inside a speck
still I got to treat it more like sacred ground
and it was overgrown last time I checked

So I’m gonna
tend my garden – trim the bushes, pull the weeds
till the soil, then plant some new seeds
tend my own garden – that’s what I’m gonna do
then I’ll come on over and I’ll help you

In this great big world in a bigger universe
my backyard is smaller than smaller than small
but just right for me to immerse
myself in barefoot wonder of it all

So I’m gonna
tend my garden – get my tools out of the shed
got morning dew and sunshine overhead
tend my own garden – with tender loving care
make some room for a table and a chair

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Chip, this is lovely. I only wish I had a garden to sit out and enjoy listening to this in. Sweet sentiment, delivered with your customary panache. Really enjoyed it.

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Tending the garden works on both a literal and a metaphorical level, I think. Solid advice and great jazzy music.

billwhite51's picture

love these organic songs. takes me back to the 70s when my mom made me and any vsiiting friends tend to her herbal gardens..then we sell the chives etc to the co op. music is perfect for the spirit of the lyrics.

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Yup this is really nice, so listenable. Go a pretty melody. This is a winner!

Fuzzy's picture

Lovely ukulele performance and charming lyrics.
I tend to let my back yard do its own thing; turns out I've inadvertently created a forest of ten foot high trees where there was nothing but lawn three years ago.
I like this track a lot!