Stopping at Bow Lake for A Picnic Lunch

Stopping at Bow Lake for A Picnic Lunch

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Liner Notes: 

The travelogue continues. It's been 2 weeks since we got home from this little trip but I can still remember it all vividly...

(random guy was playing "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain. He wasn't bad but not great either)


Stopping at Bow Lake for A Picnic Lunch

the sky so blue
the lake so green
the mountains grey and snowcapped

a lovelier place
I've rarely been
and listened as the water gently lapped

on the shore
just below
on the shore
just below

a random man
near to our van
sets up an amp and guitar

he starts to play
the best he can
out in the place where we are

on the shore
of the lake
on the shore
of the lake

the air is cold and crystal clear
the tourists like us abounding
the effect simply breathtaking
the view utterly astounding

we finish our lunch
we dispose of our waste
we leave the picnic site
but not in great haste...

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Vocals and guitar are pleasant to listen to. Nice imagery in the words. Enjoyed it!

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Hey Alex! Lovely lyrics especially in verse one where you describe a really pretty place! I wasn't sure about how that guy with the amp and guitar was gonna work out! I thought he might just spoil the serenity but it sounds like it worked out OK. Nice melody and heartfelt performance makes this something fun to listen to! Nice work!!

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The 12-string and your melody are really evocative here and seem to capture the serenity of the location. Following along with these slice-of-life vacation tunes has been armchair travel for sure!