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the Catalytic Perverters - concrastination (improvisation)


Liner Notes: 

An improvisation by the Catalytic Perverters from August 25th, 2020

b-shift: drums
murray: bass
toast: guitar

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I needed this outlet. I feel better now that I've burned off some of that energy. Thanks!

always nice to see legends within the culture still plugging away at their creations - you may not be aware but you were one of the first people i heard from 5090 through typing in 'crap art' on youtube, and some of your music i heard i took inspiration from and a bit of your sound even emerged a little through the early pieces i made this year outside of the challenge! somehow i turned it into what came out of my creativity - im thinking particularly of the concept album you did with the black and white footage in the background of some film noir or something, the album was rocking and inspired me to begin making music again after a long time out of the game. this is hard hitting, rocking hard, and an epic exploration of what the toast is capable of, even during time constraints! all the best for the rest of the challenge!! Smile