10 x 10

10 x 10

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Liner Notes: 

Never tried this before.
Was...a unique time.
I had to use a BPM in 190s to make an 8 bar loop equal 10 seconds, and I figured it'd be easiest just to do a 10 8 bar loops.
I tried to come up with some clever thing to do, but all my cleverness seems to have left me for someone younger and prettier.
Some of these work, some don't. But honestly, this kind of thing isn't meant for regular listening anyway, right? Just for fun and to try to get my fingers and my creativity working again.
Thanks @kahlo2013 for putting the challenge out there.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I'm not particularly proud of mine either but it was super fun and guess what, yours made me TWO-STEP IN MY CHAIR! Let the juices flow cause I need more splittybooms

edit: I really dig the licks and the synths. You got a one man deep pocket, laying it thick and doing all sorts of stuff. Consider it dug.

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This was quite enjoyable to listen to. Nice transitions from section to section. Definitely got me wanting to hear the full song on a few of these.

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That was very clever and musical. I like the way it feels like one piece of music and ten different ones all at the same time.

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Retro funky jam. I like it. Some loops gave me the PROTODOME vibe

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That's good musical fun. Each of the 10 segments was distinct yet it flowed nicely as a continuous whole.

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I totally agree with @metalfoot's comment.
Each one is different and yet they all flow together really nicely.
I like how you've used the same beat in many (well, ten) different ways.
Great work!

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everyones sayimg it and im saying it too. this is not at all disjointed. it is a dance suite and it flows. from your liner notes u was expectng a zany zappy style conjuction of dysfunction,

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This is great fun, upbeat, wonderful groove and energy on a collection! I enjoyed it!

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These are all distinct, but flow together so well! I just had a mini dance party. . . and I'm 'bout to do it again!

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This is a fantastic take on a 10x10. I love the variety and the continuity of each segment.

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I know I listened to this, must of been working or on phone, ......pretty much just an echo of everyone else! yeah this works so great as one piece yet at the same time very distinctly 10 "movements" really well done!