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Liner Notes: 

Actually lost most of what I was working on for this "challenge" oh well. I remember most of the lyric, and was turning into an actual song anyway I'd been kind of stumped on for a while anyway, so helped with that, and this was SOOOO! much more fun.

Really mad at myself for not doing any of these before, basically how I write anyway Biggrin

all live phone recorded no dubs/tracking, various instruments.

There's at least 20 more I haven't gotten around to listening to yet Biggrin


1. Got no lyrics for this one
2. Are we
Are we or aren't we
What we pretend to be
A question for the ages
We'll just have to
Wait and see

3. You just be you
You be you
And I'll be me
Then we'll get along

4. Waiting for Superman
Up in the Sky
Is that a Bird?
A Plane?
Nope! Just another fucking cloud

5. Imagination
With enough imagination
I guess, there's an explanation
For anything

6. Tuning In
Tunin in Tokyo

7. Strays
Played this little riff
For a while now
It's a stray without
A home

8. Just do you
You just do you
A polite way to say
Fuck You

9. Melodies
Convoluted Melodies
End Abruptly

10. The End

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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These are really great! Love the unique and creative musical approaches and songs and the fragments of thoughts shared! Really cool! Glad you did the challenge!

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"If" there is a "method" for writing, how to start and etc., -- that's it. Great stuff. Fortunate you figured that out, so many never will. Write, then edit.

-- Great work

I never would have thought it was a thing to do in a "challenge", -- I could burry you all in hours of my 5min-mourning-morning-write-right-rites of the mourning "news" "headlines" Smile I'm glad to see this become a "thing". Funny though, how when a non-kool-kid "discusses" it, they get "WTF'd" until the kool-kids finally understand, then dew Smile

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This sounds to me like a chopped up outro track to an AMAZING album. Everything sounds of a piece but there's so much cool contrast and variation.
Top segment: the squeaky goodness of Tuning In.

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I'm enjoying the abrupt transitions.
Great little snippets here.
I especially like 4, 6, 8, and 10.
Nicely done!

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love these . my favortite line is 6. Tuning In Tunin in Tokyo. as for the music, the crazier the better and there us a lot of betterness here.

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Love the experimentation! I have to agree with others that 6. Tuning In was a favorite. I also especially liked 4.Waiting for Superman, for the way the element of change up from normal and the way the title cleverly enhanced the meaning of the wonderfully disappointed delivery.

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Lovely collection of snippets that I could see being developed into full-fledged songs of their own.

See You In The Shadows…

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Lots of good variety in here and lots of potential to expand upon.