Descent (a 10x10 downhill journey)

Descent (a 10x10 downhill journey)

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Liner Notes: 

Had to get in on this craze!

I’ve resisted this challenge so many times in previous years, and I found it was hard but also a lot of fun. Such a different way of dreaming up songs. I kind of felt like I was writing a mini-musical.

The brevity and search for variety made it easier to try out different approaches, and this was my first time in the alt tuning BEBEBE, just exploring.

Mine is snippets along the arc of a relationship going sour. I think of it as containing perspectives from both sides.


Your magic smile’s
been lost for a while

That was so uncool.
Don’t know what to do.

You don’t want me
hanging around
All it does
is bring you down

How’d you like it
if I were to
sell your guitar?

Every now and then
I start to feel the way that I used to

You really shouldn’t smash it
If it doesn’t belong to you
Makes me wonder why I still
Hold onto you?

You should have been here
an hour ago
You know it worries me
I know that you know

Maybe we should just give up.
Call a truce and divvy up our things.

Can we still be friends?

Last goodbye
Don’t wanna cry
Last goodbye…

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Yes, this song suite does a great job of tracing the descent of a relationship gone sour. Nice melodic variation between segments!

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This is such a wonderfully insightful and honest collection of short songs that illustrate the descent and dissolution of a relationship. Each of the 10 songs speaks volumes. The last three all all to familiar. Wonderful delivery!

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#4 was very #2 Wink

some really great stuff here! awesome job of staying on a theme, really works as a medley and I don't know about anyone else, but I've never had a breakup that wasn't somewhat disjointed and messy......not that this tune was, but you know what I mean Smile

smashed would make an excellent chorus somewhere down the line! maybe something about smashing guitars that don't belong to you hahah, just a thought
well done!

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Excellent, you are right, it is a mini-musical. Each song is great and each one tells a different part of the story.

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Coll if you want to do a collab in BEBEBE, if you give me the chords I'd be happy to extrapolate either 2,3 or 5 into longer pieces - I really like your voice on 3 and 5 in particular. Actually I don't really use chords more pictures of the fingering is easier for me as in normal chord pictures in a grid. IF you want to start there I'll flick you my email which you send it to. Cheers Greg

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This is a great concept for a 10x10, your vocals and guitar are great throughout the entire 10 songs. This was a sad but really pretty little mini musical, very well done!

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Oh gosh, such beautiful songs about a depressing subject.
A couple of these deserve to be expanded in to full tunes.
As you said, like a mini musical.
Good for you for sticking to a theme; mine are all over the place.
Really excellent work here.

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each of these snippets could be the basis for a scene in a rom com drama. the music s all of a piece, giving the pieces a sylistic continuity with plenty of variation.

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I hadn't actually heard of this concept before, but i like your take on this. I do think if the stanzas were less separate it could work well as a totally progressive kind of song, maybe with a few of the stanzas played through instrumentally as well. Really liked it as a kind of mini musical story.

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What a great concept for a 10x10! Love how you've portrayed the roller coaster of a breakup in such concise, emotional sound bytes. I particularly like 1 and 4, and the dissonance in 7 is wonderful. This tuning is magic!

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This is brilliant. The diversity/expressiveness of the piece as a whole is amazing, and your gorgeous voice is the icing on the cake.

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really good! i love the musical idea, it does feel like that, like an advert for the cd soundtrack. lots of solid seeds here to be expanded. some really nice variety and distinct flavours of songs. impressive!

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That alternate tuning sounds great, and you've brought out a lot of different facets of it. Brilliant lyrical concept too.

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These are all delightful. Very inventive and diverse songs. Nicely done!

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I also resisted this year but the loosely connected suite also appealed to me. I like how this is such a fragmented story lyrically and musically that each section stands alone, and is part of a larger whole.