Good Crowd

Good Crowd

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Liner Notes: 

i had the idea of the song while camping with friends and when i came to do it i remembered i had an old snippet of guitar and elec guitar that hadn't come of anything from a few years ago. the drum track on it was really rough hand played midi so i scrapped that and found some new drums and suitable drum loops to chop around. (so some sits a bit rough) i extended it with a bit of copy paste and tidied up and expanded on the sound of the guitars, did the vocals and bass and here is the bit of a frankenstein soppy but jubilant song


i've fallen in with a good crowd
from both sides of the tracks
always doing each other proud
we've all got one another's backs
I look out for them they look out for me
it's the easiest place to be
yeah i love them stacks and stacks

i have fallen in with a good crowd
gonna shout it loud
i love them
they're my gang

they're my band of trusty cohorts
caring and supporting
my company of consorts
always up for cavorting
the banter and the laughter flow free
it's the funniest place to be
the joking and retorting

I have fallen on my feet
the best bunch of people you could meet

i have fallen in with a good crowd
gonna shout it loud
i love them
they're my gang

we are quite the collective
a totally winning team
we put the world in perspective
when things seem too extreme
have you heard the word about my herd
it's the cosiest place to be
i just wanna scream

i have fallen in with a good crowd
gonna shout it loud
i love them
they're my gang

shout out to all my mates around me
left of me right of me
always right behind me
never below or above me
to my buddies
to my chums

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Magnificent lyricism as ever Wobbie and a great paean to friendship and the positivities thereof...lubbly jubbly!

JūS's picture

This feels like a hug. Having a crew is the best. Thanks for capturing that so well.

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Such a wonderfully warm and wonderful song! Love the delivery and the lyrics are priceless. The love of friendships! Virtual warm group hug!

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That is the sweetest thing ever! Seriously, it makes me all kinds of happy. The guitar/vocal combo is great

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This is lovely. Nice singalong chorus.

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yeh very nice listen - has such a lovely flow! ah trusty cohorts!!!! its a beautiful thing!

Fuzzy's picture

I totally enjoy the "roughness" of this tune.
Great doubled vocals.
What a charming and touching song about good friends!
Another excellent song from the wonderful Wobbs!

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the track does sound shaky at first but once your start singing it all comes together. as janis joplin sad to the producer during the recording of summertime when he called for yet another pass at andrews faulty guitar solo. "lets not waste any more time on that. the people are listening to the singer, not the guitar.:"

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Love the title and theme. Jubilant jolly song that expresses with enthusiasm the greatness of friendship. Guitar stands out to me too. Cool lyrics.

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Love the reversal of the "bad crowd" idiom! This is sentimental, but also really joyful and clever. A bit anthemic, even, and gives me the warm fuzzies thinking about my own good crowd!

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This is beautiful, Wobs. Smile
Fantastic sentiment, perfectly captured.

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A good friends song inspired by camping and perfect to play in just that situation. "have you heard the word about my herd" ? is such a great line. Smiles all around! Cheers!
Thanks for your kind words on my #4! Smile

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I like that electric guitar! And rarely has the word "cohort" been used in pop music. The sweet vocals are just perfect for this. Really fun and refreshingly optimistic, particularly in these times. Cheers!

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This is a beauty of a patchworked up tune! I love the slightly disjointed feel, it works for me, it could of easily been a nauseatingly cheery pop tune for my personal tastes hahah..........the vocal holds it all together really nicely and makes it all the more endearing.