In Every Month

In Every Month

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Very fast write as I can't stay sitting in one place very long. Needs music and vocals.


In Every Month
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I met you in January
Kissed you on Valentine's Day
Felt high as a kite in March
Was so in love in April and May

In June you proposed
In July we heated things up
August was even hotter
Our passion kept building up

In every month
All through the year
Our love became stronger
In spring and summer
In autumn, in winter
Let's keep it longer and longer

In warmth
In cold
I always want to hold you

When September came
And it was cooler weather
When the leaves changed
Our every moment together

When the snow fell softly
And the days were shorter
At Christmas time
We made plans for the alter

Repeat chorus

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Very beautiful loving lyric, personal yet appealing to many. Very good write Cindy.

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nice way it progresses. a clever muso need to follow a progression through the song - nice one

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Yeah, yeah--I like it. Lovely sentiment. I did something myself early on with my song "Already July"--which was more of a whiny protest song and not romantic like yours.

I hope somebody puts this to music. Keep me posted on that!