10x10 Alligators

10x10 Alligators

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Liner Notes: 

how could anyone resist the 10x10 ten-tation Lol


1. the blank page is calling
a guy by the name of Jolly Rollins

2. you make me beautiful
you make me smart
some people may even call it art

3. a visa for any country
helps with the seeds
that need planting

4. i just woke up
went to school
then i realised i'm 42

5. i've been happy
i've been sad
it's the in-betweens that drive me mad

6. a holy man
once sold the moon
his name was as rocky as a raccoon

7. have you ever seen a burglar with snow white teeth
releasing you of all possessions with a grin

8. have a beer
have a whiskey
have a vodka
go make some children

9. a kitchen is a shrine
so make your kitchen shrine

10. kill me now
or kill me
i'm your crocodile
you're my alligator

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So many lovely little wry takes on modern life. #4 is priceless and #5 is deeply profound. And they're all great fun.

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Love the unique and wonderful perspectives you share here in these Very well delivered snippets of short songs! Love them!

Hehe love the style of these - your vocals deliver the lyrics really well and have good timing for the pubs and little twists. I really like the kitchen one, and the alcohol one Biggrin

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Excellent. These are really good songs.

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definitely your trademark style of jazz-inflected music in convenient bite-sized chunks!

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These were all great, and another wonderful medley Biggrin

I've done that number 4 a few times......woke up and thought I was late, yeah by a little over 20 years hahah

off to go have a vodka and hopefully not make any children Wink

absolutely agree with that number 9 too, I don't have many pet peeves but a filthy kitchen is one of them.

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I like how you ran them all together.
Great playing here.
Some really interesting lyrical bits here.
Yeah, you could turn any of these in to full tunes.
Great job!

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how did you manage such a smooth recording in one take? u had to do each snipet seperately. my favorite was the waits-like 5. i've been happy I've been sad it's the in-betweens that drive me mad

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It's four and five for me. Your delivery is great as always - Mandolin poet that you are.