Marshmallow Lips

Marshmallow Lips

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Liner Notes: 

I heard the word marshmallow and wrote this. I'm lying down with ice on my torn muscle.


Marshmallow Lips

You asked me why I was smiling
I'm thinking about our trip
Camping up in the mountains
And your marshmallow lips

We'd cooked on an open fire
Roasted marshmallows just right
I noticed you had some on your lips
And I wanted to take a bite

I said your lips were sticky
And mine got sticky too
Our lips were locked together
Like they were covered with glue
Such a wonderful memory
Like an old movie clip
Camping beneath the stars
And marshmallow on your lips

This memory I will keep
Of your lips extra sweet

Thinking about that trip
Such a special time and place
You and me the mountains
And marshmallow on your face

Repeat chorus

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These really paint a picture! I love that the scene is both fun and romantic (which of course is a wonderful combination), and love the subtext about it being funny what memories linger with us. Very nice.

(Also, I hope you're better soon.)

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sorry to hear of your torn muscle and the pain it is causing you but i am relieved to hear it is nothing more threatening and all will be well again. nice lyric to soothe the pain.

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A real storytelling song. Nice images and an interesting question about who is the 'he' in the first verse. Keep it up with ice and the writing.