Ten Things Cancelled By COVID

Ten Things Cancelled By COVID

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Liner Notes: 

A very quick "I should do a 10x10" written and recorded in the space of about 15 minutes-- the 10 songs were recorded sequentially in one sitting (two of them were 2-takes and the worse take was deleted) in the space of about 2 minutes.

I have 2 other (better!) 10x10s in the works, this is just me feeling like doing something while eating breakfast.


10 Things That Didn't Happen

1. The Conference
The conference was cancelled
I miss the camaraderie

2. Choir Trip
My daughter is disappointed
There's no Choir Trip to Brandon

Still waiting to try again
To go packing kits for those in need

4. Confirmation Party
My daughter was confirmed
With very little to-do

5. Baseball Playoffs
Baseball started 2 months late for my son
There's no champion this year

6. Emma
No spring production for Flatlands
My wife is quite put out

7. Something in the Park
The summer live productions
Are all silenced

8. Community Fairs
Farewell Harvest Festival
Farewell Corn and Apple
Farewell Plum Fest, Sunflower Festival
Thanks a lot, COVID

9. Road Trips
No driving to Ontario in May
Nor South Carolina in July

10. My Parents' Annual Visit
I really miss my mom and dad
That they can't come makes me sad

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Indeed, thanks a lot, COVID! Love this concept, I expect we all have such a list.

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thus adds up to a vivd portrait of your city, home, family, social, cultural, and sporting life

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Great use of the theme.
It's amazing what one can come up with in such a short period of time, right?
Nice little mini songs here.
Excellent job!

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So timely and true for all of us! Perfect nuggets for our time - they should be placed in a time capsule! I love number 8 - all the local community fairs that build community and are so much fun - - we are in the middle of our towns Good Neighbor Festival which usually includes Lots of love music, dancing, food, arts and craft fair, parade and carnival rides - we are having it virtually this year - totally not the same! Great job with this, Alex!

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Spot on! Both local and world cancellations. There's no state fairs for the first time in ma years. Great song!

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Very good idea and well executed. Nailed it.

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The melody when you sing 'camaraderie' is really good. The choice of lyrics is very special, each one sums up an aspect of cover-19 times. 'There's no champions this year' is excellent writing. The final song is very emotional.

Turning 10x10 into a list is a great choice; the abrupt ends to most of the pieces perfectly mirrors the disruption wrought by the pandemic. A poignant window on how your family's lives have been affected.

And just so you know: #8 needs to be expanded and given the full rock and roll treatment (waves lighter).

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yeah the canceled list was a great idea for a 10x10! really nicely done!
actually drives the points home harder as they all are cut short

number 8 cracked me up, all we get here are wheat festivals and a rodeo(the latter which not real surprisingly to me happened anyway) not nearly as comprehensive a list Biggrin

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The hardest part is picking just ten. Well done tho!

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I’m loving all the musical variety you came up with for this list. I didn’t read ahead, and had a nice chuckle at the end of “Emma” - nicely delivered. So many things that didn’t happen; so many individual disappointments. Very well put together!

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This is a great cohesive theme. The punk energy of Community Fairs was my favorite.