strange heaven

strange heaven

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Liner Notes: 

my take on the eternal "pinball wizard" suspended lick.

i always thought it was strange that more people didn't think we are either in our heaven or hell NOW, on earth. why on earth would it await someone when they die only? many of the mystics seem to be in agreement with me, it seems, and you'll see the blake references herein.

from the "my corona: world enough and lime" quarantine sessions. accomplished during 100/180 but not posted until now. these are some things i needed to get down. i'm tempted just to leave composition dates off, but that would make it DOUBLE cheating, in my mind.

you decide.


(c) 1997


i know it sounds strange but i truly believe/
things are gonna change
gonna release what's been 'side of me/ 40 nights and 40 days
gonna take to the heavens and fly/
gonna find me some angel's wings
god only knows how hard i've tried/
to figure out all these things.

---------------> INSTRUMENTAL


gonna get me a ticket to ride/ gonna get me a backstage pass
you know you're life's gonna fly/
when you're living it way too fast
nothin' more i need out of life/ but to sing this song today
n' if i couldn't, you know right now/
i'd get down on my knees and pray.


i want to scale the heights/ of the stars i see above
i want to reveal what i hide/
until there's nothing to show but love
lift me up to the sky/ so i can see how things really are
when i think i finally got somewhere/
turns out it really wasn't all that far.

---------------> SHORT INSTRUMENTAL


let me take you higher with me/
t'where the wind hears all our prayers
let me feel what it means to believe/
and to have someone who cares
take me to the river of light/ that flows through everyone
how can i go back to the night/ now that i've seen the sun?


there must be some place for me to be/
to fit with the Master Plan
and somewhere heaven awaits me/ in a grain of sand --see
i never really wanted to go/ thought i's already there
seems the only thing in this world/ i have got to share.


(heaven is here. heaven is now. heaven is here and now.)x2

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That is a great suspended lick. I never played pw but came across them first in honky tonk woman., c d n g. This is a very good listen. Pretty deep and interesting lyric.

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I've often always thought the same thing, but I've often always seemed to of thought more about theology in general than most people I know anyway Biggrin and rarely a conversation you can have with people without them injecting either their own emotions and getting pissy and closed minded, or some scholarly I read some books so I know-it-all fancypantitude :D, which despises me even more hah!

What a great lyric! and yup I'd say that lick has been thoroughly suspended Wink Enjoyed the vocal delivery too, it comes across questioning.......very nicely done!

Cheater! Cheater! How dare you cheat yourself and not cheat me out of hearing this treat I never otherwise would of! Thanks for sharing! Great stuff!

Actually just inadvertently did it myself, thought I had a new lick I was fond of in a skirmish earlier this summer, went to relearn it tonight and it dawned on me it's from around this time too 97-98 maybe haha.......ohhhhhh well!

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I agree wholeheartedly with your lyric, and though I'm no expert I believe it even says in the Bible that heaven is on earth. I've always loved that PW suspended lick (and sus chords in general). Good song.