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Liner Notes: 

Found out I have a torn muscle so I wrote this.



My name's not Peter or even Russell
But it's true I have a torn muscle
I can't twitch my nose or do a spell
But this torn muscle hurts like hell

I'm old it's true
Can't run no more
But this torn muscle
Is damn sore
Do I need a cane
No not yet
To how soon I'll heal
Is anyone's bet

I'm not Elvis or Rip Van Winkle
But this is a pain when I gotta tinkle
I'm not a tornado or a hurricane
But this here's muscle is a pain

Repeat chorus

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Excellent meter and rhyme! I got a chuckle or 2 as well, fun story. Sorry about the torn muscle, that must hurt.

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torn muscles are sure ouchy. Heal quickly, Cindy, and take care!

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You've created something good out of something bad...well done Cindy and I hope you heal and feel better soon...