Government Cheese

Government Cheese

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All of my American history comes from Australian podcasts ...

Slow rap, anyone? Didn't think so


Cheese food courtesy of the C.C.C.
500 million pounds of processed jack cheese
Welcome to long cycle of the dairy industry
Broke then flush with cash, and there is no consistency
Round and around it goes, market's looking way too orange
But all poor kids will eat it up and they'll just have to manage
Stored in warehouses cross the country, 500 Mill of processed cheese
Like Day of the Dead with more caseology, Fall of the house of dairy

How much cheese is too much cheese? x4

John R Block's got a massive block, waves it around all over the shop
Shakes it at the white house, on TV and he just won't stop,
Longer shelf life, ,but it don't taste right, all the while for the turophile
Goes well with Macaroni, apparently, or as a grilled cheese toastie
What if you're lactose intolerant or just lactose belligerent?
Not every American No-Hope Joe is a cheese loving immigrant
1.4 billion pounds in the Eighties, oh god, The system is faulty!
Carter to Reagan, USDA phonies,don't feel lonely, It is too salty

(How much cheese is too much cheese?)
What did you have in your fridge as a kid?
(How much cheese is too much cheese?)
Easiest option is dump it all in the ocean
(How much cheese is too much cheese?)
That much cheese is too much cheese now
(How much cheese is too much cheese?)
Plastic cheese, America on its knees

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I don't have to say this, but I don't think government cheese in the US was jack cheese. It was fake emulsifiers pumped into cheddar-like byproducts. Jack cheese is a dream dream. Fake cheddar is the reality.

Mac and cheese. It would work with that.

How much cheese is too much cheese? Actual cheese, there is no limit. But plastic cheese: Any cheese is too much cheese.

I would also like to blame Reagan, but it goes back to the 1940s apparently (thanks Wikipedia).