What a Ride

What a Ride

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Liner Notes: 

I hurt my back yesterday and am in a lot of pain but this idea came. I may add more when I am able.


What a Ride

What are we afraid of
Death knocking at our door
Is it because we can't remember
That we've all done this before

Why do we keep waiting
When this day is already here
Let's do something wonderful
While we're spinning on this sphere

Let's live it up
Let's party down
Let's take everything in stride
Let's explore things
And as we leave this earth
Smile and say, "what a ride!"

What's the point of regrets
It's time to let them go
Deep down inside us
It's something that we know

Repeat chorus

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Gosh, what a positive song from someone in pain! Really good writing - I like the 'up' and 'down' contrast and the 'spinning on this sphere' lines. The whole sentiment of the writing is really good and inspiring. Hope your back gets better soon.

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Love the point of view on this one Cindy...has a lot of energy and optimism!