(If You Could Just) Be Honest

(If You Could Just) Be Honest

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If You Could Just Be Honest (tentative title? 50/90 Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

So I'm not really sure if this song comes off how I want it to, but this is about far right folks (not necessarily all of them) whose various behaviors and beliefs can be quite contradictory and/or they believe in insane conspiracy theories that there's no evidence for at all except for some crazy person's blog. My original idea (which I've had for years) was to examine the possibility that deep down they know it's all bullshit, but they are letting emotions like fear and even boredom control them. It was actually supposed to be more of a sympathetic song like, it's going to be okay, can you just look into yourself and admit it? But I think I veered far away from the idea. Anyway, glad I finished it though because it's been in my potential song ideas list for SUCH a long time.

Don't know if the title should be "Be Honest" or "If You Could Just Be Honest" or something else? Suggestions welcome Smile


If you could just be honest
You could admit that you never gave a shit about privacy
And that's why you're all over social media
If you could just be honest
You could admit that you're pretty sure there's really no conspiracy
You just can't shake your all-consuming fears

And you tell us
Wake up, open your eyes
Because nobody can be trusted
Except this one little anonymous corner of the dark web

If you could just be honest
You could admit it's not the life or death you always make it out to be
Your life is just a little bit boring
If you could just be honest
You could admit that deep down you don't really know what to believe
And you don't know a goddamn thing

And when we ask you why
You say the truth is out there, it's not my job to send you sources
If you could just be honest
You could admit that you really don't know what freedom means
Because you've never had to go without it
And dare I say, you've never read a book about someone else who has
So be honest, does it really make sense for you to keep going on and on and on about it

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The title is a catchy hook so for someone to remember the song that works. Also the melody is an earworm. I like the alliteration with interesting internal rhymes in the verses.

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I like this one. I spend a lot of time reading the press and the comments sections under news articles, filled with the thoughts of these people.

We're in high political season, so honesty is even more under threat than usual.

This is the kind of political song I'd like to write. When I write about lies and liars I'm often actually talking about politics.

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Wonderful phrasing and write and catchy melody and a very relatable subject. Nice to pair the upbeat sound to the subject, enjoyed it!!