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Liner Notes: 

More Angel Olsen inspired stuff, based on Can't Wait Until Tomorrow lyrically, and loosely
Love inspired lyrics


With all what's gone on in my life
I don't mind if you join me by my side
Put your phone on silent and rest your finger tips
we touch them together and it pulses right
and electric chairs in this cafe candle light
over time will burn us bright

Oh and with all the worst things in my life
I don't mind if you came along, it's fine don't worry
For we all know this is were it goes

We find ourselves together alone in this space
And the stars will burn in between the space

Of you and I we learn to try
And try to learn about each other

Oh I don't mind if you don't believe in love
For I don't either, but maybe that's alright
Cause there's more to love than a feeling tonight
It's all about our love that shines our sight

Oh I don't mind being with you tonight
With all that's gone on in my life
You can join me here, by my side

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It sounds intimate. This is a good thing when in today's music I don't see much of it.