Tears by the window

Tears by the window

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Liner Notes: 

Listening to Angel Olsen and wrote some lyrics inspired by 'window'
I haven't heard the song but wrote based on the written words
But I have been listening to Half Way There, and she has some cracking music


Why would you cry when you could try
What could go wrong with that?
What could you do with that?
Sun shines through the crack of the curtain
My sunrise

The ground fades down with a tint of the dark
We have to make it somehow
For the light will come out
And our calls will ring out
We belong
We belong

Don't be scared
Don't be scared
Don't be scared
You aren't far off
You aren't far off
Far away or far off
From where you wanna be
Let the light through this window
As you sit and watch the birds, you cry
Don't leave your song by the window
Let the birds chime out the rhyme

You can cry
then get back up again
and try

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This is beautiful and as I'm typing this our cat starts crying out for something, so that puts a whole different meaning to it Smile .