West Coast, East Coast

West Coast, East Coast

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Liner Notes: 

Inspired by a film I saw on Netflix, called "West Coast" - https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Coast_(film)

I have a real prejudice about Brittany, which is entirely unfounded. I have barely been anywhere there (though I have been to Lorient). My mispronunciation of "Quimper" is deliberate, as I needed to make the rhyme with Camper clearer. C'est tout.

Been away, back now.


It's much damper now in Quimper
With the tears of British Campers
They came to glamp but now they've tramped
Into a special migrant camp
Scared in a finestere
There's so much racist hatred there
White holiday dream lies in tatters,
no matter - It's hardly Black Lives Matter

Ici c'est le pays maritime
Mais aussi c'est le pays Marine
West coast East coast la folie partoute
La Front Nationale est une force brute

What else is there to do in the rues of Saint Breiuc but
hunt down british holiday makers who're don't have a single clue
Caravan cos-play over in Morlaix, Concarneau it won't spare you
Come upon some right old dumb run over in Quiberon
How much racist bile can you ingest in Brest?
They're Hanging the british scum sur le pont Lorient

West coast East coast x4

Repeat chorus x2

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Holiday wars, that's a concept catastrophe total, monsieur Le general