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Liner Notes: 

Well, I spent ages on this and this is where it came out! Apologies for dumping onto the jukebox, Lyrically started from "cul de sac drive by" and wrote backwards ...


Kitchen disaster In Tadcaster
Making cakes is a Tricky bastard
Your reputation has been felled by
Simple error - past the smell-by

Oh cake burner, oh cake burner

Used to be bubbly like Anthea Turner
Now up comes the rage like you're Ike Turner
princess of peach tarts no longer
Say goodbye to your nice little earner
Cottage industry big downturner
Kitchen sink drama real page turner
All the neighbours stifle laughter
Your downfall was what they were after

Oh cake burner, oh cake burner

Thought they were friendly here in Yorkshire
But they are all rubberneck gurners
Queen of hearts dethroned fast,
Real gut-churner but fast learner
Being insulted, You can't stand by
Neighbours all die In cul de sac drive-by
Off with their heads, everyone is dead
they must pay for branding you burner

Oh cake burner, oh cake burner
Oh cake burner, oh cake burner

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