The Way a Woman Does

The Way a Woman Does

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i wanted to write one of those old fashioned love songs that country crooners like jim reeves used to do. although the surface language conforms to the sexist stereitypes of the country western lexicon, there are degrees of genre subversion going on beneath the surface, as it addresses the issues of mutual castration and sexual loneliness in the marrriage contract. i am hoping it works both as a sentimental love song and a look at gender roles and narratives in the waning of romantic discourse in the process of raising a traditional family,


a man doesnt need to be loved
the way a woman does

i get tired of complaints from the guys on the job
that their wives dont love them any more
its just that shes got other things on her mind
than the attention your so hungry for
and that is as it should be as it is and as it was
because a man doesnt need to be loved the way a woman does

she always needs you to hold her
to be kissed and caressed and adored
she needs you to love her every day
and each day a little bit more
ill give it to you straight but you might not believe it
You are here to give love, not to receive it
because a man doesnt need to be loved
the way a woman does

the love flows from the mother to the child
the days are gone when love ran wild
the love that flows through both of you
is just a real and just as true
but you dont need to be stroked and kissed
its all for the baby now
a man doesnt need to be loved
the way a woman does

the way a woman does

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This does work on more than one level, your delivery negates any sexist feel that could be take from the lyrics. You nailed what you were going for, this feels like a great, classic country. This was a really enjoyable listen!

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What a wonderful message about love and it’s many different facets... If we all embraced the giving more than receiving it would be a wonderful loving world. Your delivery on this is gorgeous. The tempo is perfect to allow the words to sink in and smolder in our thoughts.

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I don't think it's sexist at all, and men and women DO have very different needs, romance-wise. With nothing to do during my extreme quarantining, I've been reading--for the first time in my life actually--a lot of "relationship" related books and watching a lot of videos on the same, partly for "song material" and partly because I did have a disappointing breakup right at the chime of Covid shutdown. (As did many others--tough for relationships to last through this, and then...there's marriages).

Anyway--this spoke to me and you've done it again, my friend!

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Having been through the whole love/marriage/baby experience, that last verse really hit home. Lovely performance and very insightful lyrics!

Taking the voice of a country guru suits the plot.

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i agree delivery allows a different take on lyrical content! This comes across as - that is how it is! no judgement nice

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That is one tender insightful and wise Country song the top of your game!

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Wow, yeah I think you nailed your goal in this too........It could be lyrically interpreted sexist of course if someone wanted to bad enough, but couldn't anything? but agreeing with the vocal delivery negating any of that, the sincerity is felt.
Amazing guitar work on this one too as always! Some real gems from you this 50/90(still haven't listened to all) but again I think you've topped whatever my last favorite one was Biggrin