Hop Aboard A Butterfly

Hop Aboard A Butterfly

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Liner Notes: 

Deanna posted this lyric (*44447) and asked for a collab.

I loved it.

I wrote something.

I hope you'll like it too.


Hop Aboard A Butterfly
(c) 2020 Deanna Sweidel

It’s time for sleep, my little one
No need to count the sheep
Just hop aboard a butterfly
And all your dreams he’ll keep

It’s time to fly, dear little one
Way up in the sky
Tonight sweet dreams for you
My love upon the butterfly

Close your eyes, and drift away
Up in the sky so high
I’ll see you in the morning light
Hop aboard the butterfly

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How endearing! So sweet and the perfect lullyby that's one for the ages!

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thank you deanna and metalfoot. i had to download this so i can learn it and sing it to my daughter, she loves butterflies and it might shorten the time it takes me to get he rto fall asleep

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love how this could not only be a lullaby but also is a nice quartet style song. Very cool. I dig this style.

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I did a lullaby several weeks ago, but hearing your songs always reminds me that I need to do some kids' songs. You really have it down!

Great job on the lyrics, Deanna.

Time for the two of you to put out a children's album!

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Oh I love lullabies and this is such a wonderful hook and image for one! I love this lyric! And the acapella delivery with gorgeous harmonies does such a wonderful job conveying the message of peace! Wonderful song and wishing I would have thought of that great hook!

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This is so sweet, and the lyrics and music fit so well together! And has a true lullaby feel to it. Lovely harmonies, too!

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Nicely rendered. Those harmonies are on point, sir. I like the innocence of the lyrics. Nice work, friends!

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Great harmonies. Ooh, I especially like that modulation at 45 seconds. Sweet lyric - I like the idea of sleep as lightness.