Fancy Steps

Fancy Steps

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Liner Notes: 

This idea popped into my head so I wrote it quickly down.


Fancy Steps
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I want you badly
I want a romance
But I don't know what to do
About how well you can dance

You want a partner
To keep up with you
Not me with my two left feet
That doesn't know what to do

All your fancy steps have me in awe
You can tango and you can cha-cha
You can swing and you can tango
It's been said you even flamenco

Can I ever been light as air
I sure won't ever be Fred Astaire

I want you so much
If I can only learn
To swirl you around the dance floor
And pray I don't burn

You want a dancer
That won't step on your toes
That'll be sensational
As they hold you close

Repeat chorus

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Yeah... I don't dance. I'd be the narrator in this song for sure!