Friday Night Feature

Friday Night Feature

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Liner Notes: 

This is loosely based on a true story that I experienced back in college. I was out with my friends, not on a date, and there's a little exaggeration for dramatic purposes, but, yeah. True story.

It's out of my comfort zone for genres and needs some work. Not at all pleased with my voice in this, but my voice was never going to sound good in this context. Some lyric tweaking still to do as well.


It was the fall of '98 on a Friday night date
Me and Bobby on the town. Then the rain came down
When the storm passed, from the ground came a terrible sound
Thousands rising from the mood. Legions out for blood

The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out
The worms play pinochle on your snout
And one little work whose not too shy
Crawls in one ear and one one eye
Earthworms. Night of the earthworms.
Earthworms. Night of the earthworms

From the mist a nightmare. They took the village square
You can run but you can't hide. They're gonna get inside
As we fought their numbers grew. Cut one down and you get two
Sheltered at the hardware store. Rock salt on the floor

That's where we stayed from dusk til dawn. Sun came up and they were gone
In their wake the devastation of that infestation
Took the first train out of Dodge. Took a room up at the lodge
Feeling safe again, when it started to rain...

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Amazing chorus! and what a great story tune! Next time I stumble upon a hastily buried body hahaha I hope you had the decency to at least poke it with a stick a few times Biggrin .................. I won't be able to not picture the worms playing a quick game of nose pinochle Biggrin
nice outro too and great song for the scream!

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Not a fan of earthworms I take it? Delightfully creepy song and setting.

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Blood sucking earth worms ("Legions out for blood"). What will mother nature think up next. Lol I love it. Creative idea for a song I see based on some kind of bad worm encounter perhaps.

I could picture this turned into a Halloween vibe kind of song with additional sound effects.

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one of my favorite childhood rhymes...excpt our worms didnt play cards. they went in your stomach and out your mouth,,,,the story you hang on the rhyme is clever and a lot of fun. of course the music helps it right along ad your singing is a the content and style of the song.

Excellent use of the Wilhelm Scream, there. And dropping a tritone in as the first two notes of the melody is, I believe, compulsory for the genre. Bonus points for the archetypal horror movie coda - exactly the sort of thing that would accompany a question mark appearing next to the "The End" caption on the screen! The result would not be at all out of place as the soundtrack from a supernatural-themed TV show from the early 80s. The disconnect with the vocals going for different intervals to the backing adds to the overall weirdness.

And you're unlikely to be even remotely surprised that there *is* a b-movie about killer earthworms going on the rampage. It's called "Squirm" and it was released in 1976. I'll get me coat. Smile

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So much awesome here. The chorus is perfect. Bit the creepy musicbox reprising the themd at the end is the icing on the cake.