Snowfall (wintertide mix) feat: The Killer Bee Relay team

Snowfall (wintertide mix) feat: The Killer Bee Relay team

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Liner Notes: 

A remix of the classic DJKA track Snowfall feating some TB-303 goodness from The Killer Bee Relay Team.

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I am unfamiliar with the classic DJKA track, "Snowfall" but I like your Wintertide mix quite a bit. Good name, btw. (I agree with your assessment.)

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Absolutely adore the mixture of sounds. Had to get up and start dancing when that beat kicked in and I like the variation in sound quality as well.
Could definitely picture this at one of the clubs with laser lights flashing and a mist coming off the floor. Good stuff!

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Very enjoyable track. Smile I don't know which instrument the TB303 is but this is a good song.

Because everybody needs a 303.

Lots of deft touches in this. Really digging the breakdown and then the return of some classic hi-hat beats together with some very authentic sounding TB-303 lines. A glorious evocation of the days back when folk wouldn't think twice about going out dancing all night, crowded together in sweaty dancehalls (or tents in the middle of nowhere). Where did I put my glow sticks?