Where Is the Love?

Where Is the Love?

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Liner Notes: 

a morph of @kahlo2013:

On first listening I had this "global kiss" thing thumping. I remembered a hook from a long time ago. You can hear the rest.


all we need is a global kiss
on our faces and our lips
live is sweet but living is bitter
no matter collector or emitter

all we need is a global touch
some say little some say too much
some play the drums some play the bass
is there time to be amazed

where is the love
where is mother nature
where is the love
show me

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the drum and bass thing is working really well and the vocals and lyrics are strong. track has a lot of appeal.

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Wow, that's a great mix. Unlike I've heard from you previously. So "morph" I guess was some challenge and that brought this out then? Anyway, -- good stuff; if a challenge, -- good thing those challenges.

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the drum and bass intro is so compelling! Very good song this ! and yup it is different

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yep love the sound too, really draws you in all round, love the mix of styles in there, i can hear all sorts of things, dance d&b, funk, bowie, 70s rock - even a bit of 80s, good stuff indeed Smile
so catchy too really nice listening

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What a great idea...a global kiss! Such a strong hook too...good stuff!

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That is a sweet groove, and the guitar is even sweeter. Yeah, I really like that guitar. Great vocal hook, too

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Right away I am loving that repeated riff! It is really satisfying! Lovely melody in the verses. Awesome lift in the chorus! Excellent performance! Love the hook and the concept of a global kiss! This is a really wonderful song!

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ooh lots of depth here, this will be a challenge to morph!