They Want Trump

They Want Trump

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Liner Notes: 

I will never understand why anyone on the whole planet likes him. I've never been so tired of someone in my entire life.


They Want Trump
© 2020 Cindy Prince

They nominated him again
The fools
They want him to stay in
And rule

They don't seem to mind
The dumbass
Keep standing behind
The fat mass

He's a coward, a liar
But they never tire of him
He's a bigot, a cheat
They say he's mistreated
He's a traitor, a blowhole
They don't care that he's a troll
I shake my head every day
Why they want that orange bastard to stay

Never mind the harm he's done
They call him the holy one

They want him to win
The louse
They want him to live
In the white house

They cheer and cheer
The moron
Say he hasn't a fear
He's one they can count on

Repeat chorus

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I have no horse in this particular race (being Canadian and all)-- but I can definitely see how you feel about Trump!

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How'd you come to that conclusion? Wink No, I don't like him at all.

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WELL SAID! WELL SAID! WELL SAID! Anyone with a trace of humanity can see that he is the most obnoxious...self-centered...deceitful...duplicitous and dangerous leader in the free world and the ramifications of him being re-elected are beyond contemplation...