Self portrait

Self portrait

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Liner Notes: 

To be honest this is not a song. It’s not even pretending to be a lyric. I’m posting it anyway, because it’s where today’s prompt took me. I might try to refine it into some kind of lyrical shape at a later date. If not, I still spent some quality time with a memory.

“Every man’s work, whether it be literature, or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself.”

- Samuel Butler



To the passersby in cars:
A young woman in jeans
topped by a long nightgown
Wandering in an abandoned field
of overgrown kudzu
Striking a pose

This girl
So set on doing things alone
Acting as her own model
to honor her imagination
Hopping through the nuisance vines
Back-and-forth from camera
to her carefully scouted position
to hold yet another pose
and wait for the next hopeful click of the shutter

This surreal jungle
in a sketchy part of town
No place to be alone
with valuable goods in tow
Burrowed into deep artistic focus,
betting on her invulnerability

In a simple muslin dress
Her dark hair loose and long
Infrared loaded with care
ready for alchemy with the sun
to effect not a self portrait, but a vision
inspired by Cameron and Moon
A portrait of a gentle ethereal creature
in a luminous white cloud of upturned faces
In a place where cities do not exist

A portrait that stands today
As a testament to the wild bravery of youth
When seized by an idea
deemed to be a good one

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Yes from an excellent quote! Its a very nice piece of writing and could easily become a song. I think its very good whatever you want to call it. I might call it a pre song!

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Very vivid and interesting to read, original lyrics. I like them a lot.

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Wow! Vivid images that I love as is but would also be a great song. Brilliant!

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You’ve painted some interesting scenes within your writing. This is easily a song or spoken poetry (or whatever you wish it to be).

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Oh this is an awesome song lyric! The scene and actions show and don't tell. So very much a self-portrait. Rhyming is overrated anyway Smile I hope it gets music.

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Bursting the form is apt for the subject of this self-portrait. So vivid, visually and emotionally. I like it a lot!

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This is beautiful - I feel like I'm there. Actually I think I'd like to hear this spoken over a musical background!

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You've painted - or photographed - a wonderful portrait with your words. Fun allusion to art ("sketchy") Really nice one Barbara. You could definitely transform this into a lyric, but it stands alone quite well as is.

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This is so beautifully rich and poetic. The images are beautiful and poignant - the sense of strength in the character with her portrait beautiful beyond her surroundings. Really gorgeous perspective.

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Oh, I think this could be a song! Set to some jazzy acoustic chords, and the vocal spoken/sung.
My daughter just started college, and I see some of her in your words.

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This could definitely be set to music. Fantastic writing whether you want it to be a lyric or not, such honest and vivid descriptions, my favorite is “hopping through the nuisance vines.”

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Such a lovely, transporting portrait. Truly honors the spirit of youth and past versions of self. Thank you for sharing!

What a great picture this evokes. Or set of pictures - or selfies! I've not heard kudzu described as "nuisance vines" before, but the description is *perfect* (we don't have the stuff over here in the UK, thank goodness, but I know it well from my time working in Atlanta) and made me laugh, even as I contemplate trying to get my own waterlogged garden into shape for the long weekend ahead...