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Liner Notes: 

The chords are still settling into their places, but I did it in an hour!


Each day I add another brushstroke to my portrait
Each day another little change you barely see
Each stroke is small and insignificant and short, yet
Each stroke’s another little step in making me.

I try to see beyond the image in the mirror
I try to look through other eyes to see myself
Each day the picture that I’m painting’s getting clearer
Until one day it takes its place upon the shelf.

Some days I add a little burst of shining colour
Some days I make the lines look darker and more deep
Some days I try but everything looks somehow duller
Some nights I paint in grey while desperate for sleep.

And every day I’ve ever lived goes in the mixture
And every day’s a layer in some wild design
One day you’ll see the label reads “Unfinished picture”
One day you’ll read my life in every painted line.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I really like the idea of 'each day' adding to the portrait. You really succeed in the notion of building a self portrait. Your chord changes are very good.

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Very good. The opening verse nails it! Nicely written And delivered In an hour!

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Such a cool idea, addIng one or two barely noticeable changes each day the form the whole Loved the performance too.

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This is is beautiful - your delivery is gorgeous. I love the wonderful metaphors and the concept of our ongoing development and the evolution. I really love all the images. The chorus is really brilliant.

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I so enjoyed this one! Nice chord changes and wonderful skirmish!

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Love the fingerstyle playing. Wonderful lyric, the idea of each brush stroke being an action you take in life is so good!

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Agree with others that the fingerstyle guitar is a great fit here, it adds to that feel of incremental change, brushstroke by brushstroke

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Truly from a painters POV. Lovely finger style and vocal melody. I really like the concept of an artist working for a lifetime on that one painting. Well done on the skirmish!

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I adore this! Everyday does accrue into the self we are becoming. And the phases we are currently in are not the final answer. Fine writing and a beautiful vocal delivery. Very nice!

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Wonderful idea of us all being works of art, trying to improve ourselves, just as any artist tries to work on his painting. Lovely lovely music

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Incredible lyrics and rhyme and meter - read like poetry. And you bring them to musical life so beautifully - such thoughtful picking and singing! Wow!