His Self Portrait

His Self Portrait

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Liner Notes: 

I was trying to come up with an idea for this skirmish and mentioned it to my husband. He reminded me of the man who painted his self portrait every year
as he was descending to the ravages of Alzheimer's. If you haven't seen these portraits and how they changed, please look at this link.



His Self Portrait
© 2020 Cindy Prince

He decide to do it
When he knew what he had
He wanted to capture his journey all along

His first portrait
He looked much the same
When his memory was still very strong

His second year
His image was abstract
But still had much the same look

The third one
Was beginning to change
Looked more like a child's sketchbook

He was descending into oblivion
His mind was under attack
He was falling into delirium
He knew there was no way back...no way back

By the fourth year
His face became distorted
He couldn't remember what he'd done

The fifth portrait
Was barely recognizable
His journey was almost run

Repeat chorus

His last two portraits
Were dark and disturbing
His features had all but disappeared

The last one
Was black and barren
He became everything he had feared

Repeat chorus

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But he remembered to do the portraits - I find that fascinating. Strong writing.

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Oh wow, great lyrics and such an amazing story. I had a look at the link, the paintings are very cool but such a sad reflection of the artists mental deterioration over time.

coolparadiso's picture

Yes it is interesting he kept doing it. Great story for inspiration. But such a sad topic.

Roddy's picture

Very good writing 'He became everything he had feared' is a really good line.

mikehex's picture

Powerful take on the theme, that chorus is pretty dark. Very interested in what you were thinking about musically

cindyrella's picture

I was considering not having a chorus so I am a little undecided.

tjeff's picture

Thanks so much for sharing that link, amazing and sad! You did a fantastic job of setting his portrait journey into a lyric, with a chorus that sums up his unfortunate disease.

kahlo2013's picture

Wow! This is powerful and sad and honest! You capture that descent into progressive dementia so perfectly with these pithy lines. Fantastic take on the skirmish prompt, Cindy!

Marilisa's picture

What a heartbreaking story. That last line is very powerful. Good work!

AndyGetch's picture

Such a sadly beautiful lyric, and captures the essence of the story of changes in mental function. Well done on the skirmish!

barbara's picture

I’m impressed with how you crafted this to portray all the images of his descent with such apt rhymes. But that chorus really moves me, with much sadness, as I’ve witnessed this path. Great handling of a sober subject.

corinne54's picture

I have seen those paintings before. My father had Alzheimer's. You've written a perfect - and devastating- chorus. But the last verse - wow!

Excellent work.