Just Give

Just Give

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Just Give (50/90 children's song)

Liner Notes: 

I started 50/90 with a children's album project and wound up with 10 songs, but I had a leftover idea that I decided to finish last night, so here you go!


You might not know this
But you have things that other people don't have
But don't let that new fact make you sad

It only means you have something to give
It only means you have something to spare
Just give, just share
Just give, just share

If you have too many books
Or your closet's chock full of too many clothes
Or too many toys, or ones you've outgrown

Or maybe you're just really good at something
You can always do that something for someone else
What you have inside of you and what you choose to give
Can help all kinds of people and even animals

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wonderful message for chidren. cant imagine any of them being selfish after singing this together,