Stay Away From the Obvodny Canal

Stay Away From the Obvodny Canal

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Liner Notes: 

I came across this place in Russia and thought I'd' write about it.


Stay Away From Obvodny Canal
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Stay away from the Obvodny Canal
Or you might be pulled in
Many have ended their lives there

Keep away from the Russian canal
For it might be a sin
If you're too close you won't have a prayer

Some call it the Suicide Canal
Many have met their death
Those who know will warn you
Stay away from her murky depths
Some see a lady beneath the water
As they take their final breath

It flows through St Petersburg
Seemingly innocent enough
But violence is the norm

Workers and walkers
No matter how tough
Find that they too must conform

Repeat chorus

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I love these lyrics so much. The are dark but sill rather beautiful.

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looking forward to hearing this musicated by someonne who can write music in which the lyric can be set like jewels in a crownn. i feel the chorus, but dont know how to approach the verse. when i take on a lyric seeking collaboration, it is because i hear and feel the music inherent in the words even before i am finished reading the entire lyric, i go into thus oly to let you know that i wish i could do justice to those fine lyric and eagerly await the work of one who can.