Sweet Sweet Honey

Sweet Sweet Honey

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Liner Notes: 

I haven’t been around much lately, and it’s been bugging me. But now, after 18 days straight working under deadline, I finally have a day off and this decided to show up.

Side story: I aspirated a multivitamin on Thursday, which dissolved in my windpipe, and I’m having restricted breathing, so I was just toying around with something quiet that wouldn’t trigger a cough or a wheeze. Also not too serious, because who needs that?!

This is once again the small guitar, tuned to standard intervals this time (with the capo, the lowest string is a Bb). I had fun making this and working on not being too picky! Sorry about not trimming off the tail end, though. (Not sorry enough to fix it.)


Sweet sweet honey,
dripping down the tree
Sweet sweet honey,
calling out to me
Sweet sweet honey,
may I request delivery?
Sweet sweet honey,
then I remember, I’m a bee


Sweet sweet flowers,
is where I need to be
Sweet sweet flowers,
making busy industry
Sweet sweet flowers,
spread my love around for free
Sweet sweet flowers,
‘cause when I’m working, I am me


I buzz for no one
I buzz for all
I buzz therefore I am
I’ll buzz until I fall


Sweet sweet honey...
Sweet sweet honey...
Sweet sweet honey...
Sweet sweet honey...

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I like the playful, sensual mood of this one, and the awesome message. Love the warm vocal.

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this would sound great with a maria muldaur style band. i love its sophisticated simplicity.

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Ohhh... this flows so smoothly and beautifully like sweet rich molasses ... I love your vocal noodles and the jazzy feel to the guitar... delicious song with such wonderful hook!

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I love it I love it I love it.

As restrained as you are, you're even more clever with your blues. This is the kind of blues that tickles, makes you laugh deeply, but on top of that it is sweet and full of care. Dang.

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Love this bluesy sound and the fun lyric! The vocal, especially at the end, actually does some pretty neat tricks. Still, careful with your vitamins!

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this is really easy to listen to! that guitar is compelling - fun stuff!

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This is as sweet as honey! Happy to hear you again and with such a delightful song!

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Oh heck yeah, this is so wonderful.
Lovely minimalism here.
Fantastic vocals (sorry about the multivitamin, tho).
Really really nice guitar work for sure.
I totally love this.
One of my favourite tracks from this 50/90.

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Love the contrast of the guitars with the tone in your voice.

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Sorry to hear about the vitamin incident! Love this little folk/blues groove though, so catchy and understated. The softer vocals work well here along with the gradual build. Will be saving this one for sure!

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What a great song! The aspirated vitamin sounds painful. But the art you created is wonderful.

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When I saw the title I was expecting a sultry song of passion, and you did that - with a cute and clever twist! Your voice sounds sweet despite the vitamin mishap, and that's a cool sitting-in-a-rocking-chair guitar groove.
And yes (in response to your soundboard note), my little girl is now a college freshman. And living on campus, but just a half hour away. Interesting time to be starting a journey toward independence, but she's making the most of it.

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Sweet sweet song. Absolutely beautiful. Such a pleasure to listen to. Now I want honey...