Empty Words

Empty Words

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Liner Notes: 

I knew someone like this once.


Empty Words
© 2020 Cindy Prince

You seemed sincere enough
Guess I couldn't read you
You played me like a violin

You even teared up
When you told me of your love
And I fell for it again and again

Empty words
That's all they were
Being alone
Is what I prefer
Loveless claims
I can do without
Now I know
What love's not about

All along your heart was empty
Your words and soul too
If I ever try this again
He'll not be anything like you

You strung me along
You seemed to enjoy it
What kind of man does that?

Now that you're gone
Next time I'll avoid this
Sure don't want a copycat

Repeat chorus

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I don’t like this guy! Too many men and women like that! Relatable succinct lyric that captures the those relationships and the impact on the person so well. I like the strength of the singer.

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Brutally honest set of lyrics. I'm going to have to agree with Liz and say I don't care for this guy. I think everyone can relate this to some degree.