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Liner Notes: 

This was recorded using virtual instruments on Mixcraft 8. The tracks were programmed on my computer keyboard.
The piece is composed in G harmonic major, in 5/4 time.
On SoundCloud I had used up 179 of my 180 minutes (on my free account), so I created something to fill up the last remaining minute.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Well! A minute well spent (and I like the triple thumps/wheezes at the end). This makes me think of strange Heath Robinson styhle Victorian machines, all joints and cylinders and moving rods and puffs of exhaust steam issuing from the oddest places. Industrial soundtrack! (Incidentally, I keep having to delete old tracks, as I refuse to pay soundcloud! youtube is an option of course, don't HAVE to have a video)

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There is a chaotic feel to this but I like it a lot. It's just the right amount of musical noise. Very experimental and cool.

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Oh yeah, this is so great.
I'm loving how it kind of lurches along, sounding like it's gonna fall apart at any minute.
Lovely random fuzzy percussion.
Excellent work here.